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You don’t need to have dreadlocks

Anyone can practice living consciously. You do not need to frequent organic markets or practice yoga. You do not need to drive a Prius and you certainly don’t need to have dreadlocks! Conscious living isn’t necessarily about spirituality either, unless one embraces it as such.

At the heart of it, conscious living is about approaching life with awareness and care for oneself and others.When pursuing a conscious lifestyle, we need to consider the following :

  • How do we spend our money?
  • How do we spend our time?
  • What things do we care about?
  • What opinions shape our thinking?

Finding out our “Why” is the first step towards living a more conscious lifestyle. Once we have an idea of what really motivates us towards embracing mindfulness, insight and compassion as core values in our lives, all the other pieces fall into place naturally.

A few simple ways to live more harmoniously with ourselves and the world around us

Find your why

Re-evaluate your life. Are you happy? Are your body and mind working with you or against you? Reflect about what you really want and what impact your current choices have in the world.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

This just might be the easiest and most impactful way to live consciously. In a world drunk on mindless consumerism, cutting down our consumption could save the world, and us.

With Covid-19 severely affecting the global economy, this is especially relevant. Reduced access to income means that we should consider making the most of what we currently have. We should use our supplies mindfuly and explore creative ways to utilize bottles, boxes, bags and wrapping instead of throwing them away. This will also cut down on environmental pollution and mother nature will thank you for it.

Whenever possible, avoid single-use items like paper cups and plates and use the packaging resources you already have instead of obtaining new ones. You will also find that it can be a mindful and emotionaly rewarding practice to separate trash for easy recyling.

Buying and using less is always a great way to staying eco-friendly. Whenever we make purchases, they need to be ethically, fairly and sustainably producted.

Go organic

Reduce how much processed product you buy. More often than not, it adversly impacts on health and the environment. Manufacturing also creates a trail of waste in its wake, not to mention the extra energy consumption.

The alternative is buying local and organic. The Kenyan market now has several eco-friendly products that are created locally and sustainably. Our products page is a great place to start your search. Supporting our local farmers and conscious producers is a great way to encourage the local consious space to thrive.

If you have the space, a backyard garden is a great way to also bring balance and a connection with nature into your life.

Why bother?

The effort we put into conscious living will ultimately reward us with better physical, social and mental health. It will also allow one to experience a greater sense of fulfillment, belonging and connectedness.

Mindful practices such as meditation will help us find out what aspects of our health need attending to and this will provide both the motivation and clarity needed to make the necessary adjustments for increased wellbeing.

Living in harmony with the world around us will invariably lead to better relationships with family, friends and acquintances. This is especially helpful after the Corona Virus made much of the world to start living in more intimate and confined spaces.

Everyone wants a greener, cleaner environment but nobody wants to do all the work. This is why a community space like Conscious Kenya is so helpful. Connecting with other people on a similar path make it so much easier to stay true to the conscious path.

These are a few of the many steps we can take towards living a more conscious, connected and balanced lifestyle.

Did we miss anything? Please comment below to keep the conversation going 🙂

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