Dream Team


Narissa Allibhai

Co-Founder & Mission/Inclusivity Lead

Narissa is passionate about community building and making wellness accessible and affordable for all.


Edgar Kimathi

Growth & Marketing

Edgar helps drive the vision for a Conscious Kenya forward by supporting the business development & tech teams to provide a beneficial and pleasant all round experience.

Zeeya Jaffer

Zeeya Jaffer

CEO & Women's Wellness Coach

Zeeya’s brings structure, focus and direction to the team to make sure that our wellness offers and marketing & logistics provisions for wellness providers are exemplary.


Erix Kivuti

Conscious Tech

Meet Erix, the magician of code. He is the resident nerd that works in the background, to bring the aspirations of Conscious Kenya to life on the website.


Mutanu Ndereba

Social Media & Customer Relations

Mutanu is Conscious Kenyaโ€™s People Person. They ensure that practitioners and the community members are well taken care of, as well as handle the Conscious Kenya Socials