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Nature’s Energy Alignment Retreat

Nature calls… We answer…





With 26+ years of experience, Tekhiyah’s wisdom in using life giving, holistic lifestyle principles is imparted to you starting with what you eat. Let the healing energy of her magical meals, mystical elixirs and spirit led concoctions begin by igniting new-found ease within.  Tekhiyah is passionate about assisting you in taking your holistic wellness profile up a notch, starting with the regenerative foods and drinks that you consume daily, emotional healing, detoxification, and gut health. These form the foundation for Tekhiyah’s formula for improving your holistic, well-being status.


Introducing Munderu, a multi-faceted artist, nurturing farmer, loving father, and cosmic being. With a daily gratitude practice, he embraces life’s teachings from diverse sources. Believing in the innate healing power within us all, his mission is to share this wisdom and illuminate paths to growth. Forever a humble student of life, he trusts in the abundant universe to provide all he seeks.


Sound healer, backpacker, writer, meditator on rocks, giver of loving hugs, pure soul of love. AKA Earth child. Narissa uses sound alchemy to facilitate journeys deep inside oneself and beyond to relax, heal, restore harmony, meet spirit guides, and expand consciousness.  She works with the earth energy as guide and channel, and will connect with you from a deep space of love.


Meet Noelle, a seeker on a soul journey, dedicated to uncovering healing, knowledge and truth. With a compassionate heart, she holds sacred space for others to navigate their traumas and joys. As an artist, she infuses deep love into her work, finding joy and beauty in every aspect of life.


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Whatsapp +1-780-802-3159, or Mpesa to 0704-919-985

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Jun 23 - 25 2023


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: Africa/Nairobi
  • Date: Jun 23 - 25 2023
  • Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm






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Naro moro


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