The Love Lab 3: Cultivating Intimacy & Connection

~ A playground for couples to explore conscious relationships ~


This series of fun, evidence-based, creative, couple’s events combine science and spirituality to cultivate true, deep and lasting love. Welcome to The Love Lab!

Note: you can join even if you didn’t attend Love Lab 1 & 2


The Love Lab #3: Cultivating Intimacy & Connection by Turning Towards Bids for Attention


In Love Lab 3 we become aware of and practice the key mechanism towards maintaining and cultivating intimacy, connection and closeness, so we may always feel seen, heard and validated within our romantic relationships through the years. We do this by becoming aware of ‘how we turn towards’ our own and our partners ‘bids for attention’ so that our wants and needs may be heard and met. Science has found that this awareness is a key aspect of affirming, positive, loving relationships, with 90% of couples who are still married after 6 years practicing this awareness.

There are limited spaces for these events, so we honor a first come, first served process.


The Love Lab Series


Are there things couples can do to keep the flame burning strong for years and decades? 


The answer to both of these questions is yes! In fact, this is where the real love begins.

Did you know there is an entire field of scientific research dedicated to thriving romantic relationships? We are so lucky to have a positive psychologist and romantic relationship coach in our midst who has studied the science of positive relationships for years.

  • Yes, like all things we cultivate relationships do take energy, however sharing this energy can be utmost pleasure, fun and joy.
  • By raising consciousness around our relationship practices, we can consciously cultivate positivity, understanding, love and joy in our romantic relationships.
  • Yes, there are simple key practices that “keeps the love burning strong”.
  • Differences can be a growing point and blessing rather than a divider, if we consciously navigate them.

Louise Hellerstedt has come together with Narissa Allibhai to take you through a series of couple’s events combining play, art, music, sound, movement, science, holistic wellness (mind body soul), and proven deep practices to connect deeply, to learn, to love and to –

~ Take your date night to the next level ~


The Love Lab builds on the research of world-renowned award-winning psychologist Dr John Gottman. Based on his findings, researchers are able to predict with 90% accuracy the long-term outcome between couples. In our couple’s events, we will explore the key practices that are consistently found in all long-term, happy, loving romantic relationships.


Did you know:

The energy we cultivate in our romantic relationships ripples out through all areas of our lives and into the lives of those around us. In this highly charged space, we have the opportunity to magnify and cultivate potent healing energies such as happiness, vitality, resilience and creativity.

The monthly Love Labs will be interactive and embedded with conscious practices and life’s little luxuries. Delicious tea and treats will be provided as we celebrate this beautiful co-created love space!

We have 7 parts of the Love Lab series planned, each building upon the previous ones.

They can be attended individually, however the more you attend, the more your relationship will benefit as each couple’s event brings a new and different key practice to the table – For The Love Lab to be of highest benefit, we encourage you to dance this whole journey to a conscious, lasting positive relationship with us.

Please note that events 5, 6 & 7 are more advanced and therefore do require that you have attended at least 2 prior.

~ Learn what science says makes you happiest in your relationship ~


Some of the many areas we will explore throughout the process include:

  • Knowing & Meeting Needs
  • Building Intimacy & positive emotional connections in your romantic relationship
  • Working with Vulnerability & Insecurities
  • Befriending Differences & Managing Conflict
  • Setting Healthy & Loving Boundaries
  • Emotional Safety
  • Buffering from Life’s Stressors
  • Keeping the Magic and Sparks Flowing
  • Constructive (as opposed to destructive) communication, behavior & cognitive practices

Some of the holistic practices we will experience include:

  • Sound Healing
  • Meditations
  • Eye-Gazing
  • Ho’oponopono
  • Forgiveness
  • New Vows
  • Gratitude
  • Manifestation
  • Breathing
  • Movement


** Call/Text Louise on WhatsApp: +254 715 691401

** Call Narissa on regular phone: +254 717 685161


Louise Hellerstedt

MSC in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology with a focus on Positive Romantic Relationships

CPD Certified Trauma – Informed Practice

Louise is a positive psychologist and romantic relationship coach. Positive psychology is the scientific study of happiness, wellbeing and thriving within individuals, groups and organizations. She specializes in positive romantic relationships, as this is where her passion, intuition and science merge to form one of the most potent spaces for healing, growth, and manifestation. The practice of Positive Romantic Relationships ripples out a multitude of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual benefits through our social fabrics, reinforcing happy, healthy and resilient cultures.

In her practice, Louise invites you to expand your consciousness in order to transcend limiting beliefs, behaviors or challenges, to align with your true needs, desires, and intentions and to practice your highest potential.

♥ Louise loves cacao, crystals, the wild and natural world, astrology and all things deep and meaningful.


Narissa Allibhai (Child of the Earth)

Certified Sound Healer with 5 years of experience in vibrational medicine

Pranayama, Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

Narissa bansuri child of the earth

Narissa is a Sound Alchemist who facilitates journeys deep inside oneself and beyond to heal, relax, restore harmony, cleanse and activate the chakras, clear mental and emotional stresses, loosen up body and energetic blockages, meet spirit guides, and expand consciousness. She works majorly with the Himalayan singing bowls, Indian bamboo flute (bansuri) and voice, as well as the Vietnamese dragon gong, the African kalimba, rattles and shakers.

She also loves to share and teach pranayama breathing techniques, hatha yoga, various forms of meditation, and mindfulness that keep one present and centered every moment of the day.

She has been sharing these tools around East Africa – in Nairobi, Mombasa, at the Lamu Yoga Festival, the Festival du Feminin, the Kilifi New Year Festival, the Zenerate retreat in Kilifi, in travels across the coastline from Malindi to Funzi Island to Zanzibar. She works with individuals and groups, from intimate trauma healing to large conference settings.

She works with the earth energy as guide and channel for all her practices and life decisions.

♥ Narissa loves reading, writing, playing her bamboo flute, hiking, camping, and meditating on rocks



The Love Labs are valued at 8800/- per couple (4400/- per person) however we want this process to be available to all who seek it and therefore have an open economy whereby you contribute as you can (Minimum 1500/- per person in order to cover basic costs & Maximum – infinity and beyond!). The most important thing to us is to create healing ripples of love and consciousness through our communities.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with Louise on 0715691401 or Narissa on 071768516.

You can also book via Mpesa to Louise.


The event is finished.


May 13 2023


2:00 am - 6:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: May 12 - 13 2023
  • Time: 7:00 pm - 11:00 am






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Louise Hellerstedt