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How It Works

How It Works

Discover - Connect - Grow

Vendors & Practitioners

Find the right vendor, coach, or therapist for you. We make an effort to verify the credentials of all our practitioners. However, community members are responsible for their booking decisions. Directory

Find your Clients

Signing up as a vendor or practitioner allows you to share products and knowledge in your field of expertise as well as promote events. It also allows you to feature on the public directory. Join

Discover and Learn

Find the information you need to boost your mental and physical well-being by exploring the blog articles, and by participating in groups, and forums. Get started


Community members can add free events while vendors and practitioners can add paid events. All events will first be reviewed before publishing to make sure they are aligned with the community vision. Go to events

Community Experience

The community space provides a familiar social network experience for easy connection and interaction with like-minded people. See community activity

Manage Events, Products and Bookings

Wellness practitioners and vendors can easily manage products, events, client appointments and bookings right from their profile sections.  Set up your store

Your One-Stop Shop for Holistic Living

Find the resources you need for a healthy and fulfilling life

How to Buy Wellness Products, Services & Events

  • 1. Pick your product or service

    Find a product / service on the market and add to cart

  • 2. Checkout & Pay

    Fill in your delivery information and  checkout with the cash payment option.

  • 3. Confirm Delivery

    The practitioner will contact you to confirm address for delivery.

  • 4. Product / Service Fulfillment

    Once your purchase is fulfilled please leave a review on the practitioner’s page

  • 5. Review Vendor

    Share your experience with friends and family so they too can benefit.

How to Sell Wellness Products, Services & Events

  • 1. Subscribe as a practitioner

    Sign up as a practitioner, get verified and set up your online store to start selling.

  • 2. Add Products / Services

    Add your products, services and events and publish them for the community to find.

  • 3. Receive orders

    Receive product orders, event bookings and service requests right on your account.

  • 4. Fulfillment

    Confirm the purchases with buyers / clients and fulfil the delivery.

  • 5. Receive payment

    Confirm the order on your store manager to receive payment.