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Indigenous Wisdom Work

Indigenous Wisdom Work

A revival of Afrikan consciousness and power from the roots and through the herbs and indigenous knowledge. More on our Vision and Mission here.

At Conscious Kenya, we are dedicated to the vision of an Africa thriving with indigenous wisdom in which traditional knowledge is valued and used widely. Healers, herbalists and teachers of the same are respected and are easily accessible to the general population locally, regionally and internationally.

What’s brewing in the cooking pot?

  • Herbalists Association collaboration for herbalist-defined regulation and industry standards
  • Herbalists Directory page on Conscious Kenya website
  • Conscious Kenya Show seasons featuring herbalists and traditional healers from across the country
  • Fellowship for Kenyan youth to spend a year in learning with their elders
  • Programs for Traditional Healing
  • Courses on local herbs and traditional wisdom, held by the elders
  • Archive of indigenous knowledge – via Afrika Hai collective
  • Documentaries telling stories of young healers
  • Monthly events hosted by urban Afrikan spirituality practitioners to gather and share – with Carol Gaithuma and Musyoki Mutua
girl chatting with a herbalist
leaves and bark herbs
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herbal brews
herbalist and herbs
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