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Customer Success Manager

Conscious Kenya is Hiring!

  • Are you passionate about consciousness and holistic wellness?
  • Are you tech savvy?
  • Are you friendly and love helping people thrive?
  • Do you keep up to date with the latest trends and hacks on social media?
  • Are you very organised, self-motivated/independent, creative and prompt?
  • Have you experience in managing events, or clients, or a group of people successfully?
  • Have you any experience in onboarding, client success, CRM, Customer Service, Sales, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation, and/or Digital Marketing?

Job Description

The Client Success & Onboarding Manager will be the point of contact for all Conscious Kenya practitioners after they join the platform. Their core responsibility is to help practitioners become comfortable enough with  the Conscious Kenya website to use it regularly as a tool to grow their practices. 

They will also help  practitioners build and execute marketing & promotion strategies for the duration of their memberships.  

Duties and responsibilities 

Practitioner Onboarding 

  • Welcome practitioners on premium plans and walk them through the website via zoom. 
  • Support practitioners to complete their profiles & store set up within 2 weeks of joining. 
  • Help practitioners identify goals and how best the platform will work for them and their practice.
  • Encourage practitioners to engage community members and share content regular onto the website by posting events, articles, offers, feed posts and taking ownership of groups & forums.
  • Provide support to customers and routinely check on their satisfaction with the platform.
  • Increase efficacy & effectiveness of onboarding processes through monthly analyses & reports.
  • Update current practitioners sessions, categories, tags – and ongoing where necessary

Marketing Schedule Management 

  • Create marketing schedules for all practitioners in the first week of their memberships to promote  their profiles and services by ensuring they complete profile set up in time. 
  • Ensure all information required from the practitioners is received in time and encourage  practitioners to share content on the website and CK socials often, and tag CK in their posts
  • Liaise with the marketing team to ensure all collected practitioner content is added to the  marketing calendar and posted on time. 
  • Encourage practitioners to create groups and forums and take ownership to build strong communities around them and their work on the CK platform. 

Client Support & Liaison 

  • Manage practitioner support tickets and communicate requests to relevant people to assist. • Manage all events submitted via the website by paid practitioners to ensure they are posted and  shared on time. 
  • Help submit events where necessary
  • Advise the rest of the team on how the onboarding and practitioner support systems and process  can be improved. 
  • Any other relevant tasks and responsibilities aligned with client success.

Community & Events Manager

  • Reply promptly to messages and comments on all social media channels (IG, FB, YT, WhatsApp, TikTok)
  • Create automatic responses on all channels in case of a few hours delay
  • Support with creating WhatsApp business portfolio, IG shop, etc
  • General support when the marketing team requests
  • TikTok management, with support, advice and approval from marketing
  • Manage regular event schedule for practitioners at the Conscious Kenya Space
  • Moderate the community groups and forums, encourage interaction, assign team leaders

Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] by Wednesday 26 April 2023 to apply.

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