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Befriending Your Feelings: This will also change

Conscious 2022-09-19

Recognise and understand how you are feeling
Strategies for self-regulation
Self-care strategies
Understand support that is available.
Session Activities and links
Acknowledging your Feelings: Worried/anxious
Acknowledging your Feelings: Worried/Anxious
What things are you worried about now?
Are there some things we are all worried about? Identify someone you can trust who you can talk to
The worry tree
Your feelings: anxiety/stress

Strategies for coping with uncomfortable feelings; Coping with uncomfortable feelings; Ways of coping with anxiety.
Focus on your breathing
Finger breathing

Coping strategies Anxiety toolkit fEPSS
Coping strategies from Hope UK
What helps you to feel good?
What helps you to feel good?
Make a list of all the things that you really like doing Investigate the Anna Freud Self care