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Self Compassion: A happier you for a happier world

Conscious 2022-09-19

Academic Resilience framework
Basics, belonging learning, coping, core self.

Teenage brain Teenage brain TED talk

Curriculum and useful websites
Anna Freud Schools in Mind
Anna Freud Resources
On My Mind (annafreud.org)
Self Care, Anxiety, Depression, Coping Strategies | On My Mind | Anna Freud Centre

Mentally Healthy Schools Mentally Healthy Schools

PSHE Association PSHE Association MH and WB lesson plans

NHS Every Mind Matters Self-care tips for young people | One You (www.nhs.uk)

Rise above https://riseabove.org.uk/

Place 2be Mental health resources for schools – Place2Be
Return to school resources – Place2Be

Just One Norfolk https://www.justonenorfolk.nhs.uk/return-to-school/resources-for-schools

Academic Resilience Academic Resilience (youngminds.org.uk)

RSHE Tools and CPD www.educatorsolutions.org.uk/product/rse/?service_type_id=103

EPSS Anxiety toolkit

Young Minds Young Minds

Gypsy Roma Traveller story GRT- Roads from the Past: A Short History of Britain’s Gypsies, Roma and Travellers | Travellers Times

Diverse educators https://www.diverseeducators.co.uk/

BAME ed network https://www.bameednetwork.com/

No outsiders No Outsiders

Norfolk School of Sanctuary Norfolk Schools of Sanctuary

Norfolk LGBT + Norfolk LGBT+ project

Young Carers Caring together

Promote prosocial behaviours and kindness to others
Be kind to our self and practise positive self-talk

Session Activity
Random acts of kindness
Random acts of kindness
“You can always, always give someone something even if it is a simple act of kindness.” Anne Frank
What acts of kindness can you give to the people close to you? Record ideas and how this made you feel.
Send some kindness to someone you are not living with. Send some kindness to someone you are not living with. Say something nice about them by sending them a message online or using a letter/card. How did they respond?
Be kind to your self
Say nice things to yourself and practise positive self -talk. Complete 3 positive affirmations. I am …. I am good at maths. I am kind. I make people laugh.

Giving time to support others. Investigate ways you could help others through volunteering.

Smile at everyone you meet today Smile at everyone you meet today. How do they respond?

Doing something nice everyday for a month
Doing something nice every day for a month
Use the latest action for happiness calendar to do something nice for other people every day.
Action for happiness calendar

Hope https://www.place2be.org.uk/media/uvzkzysp/secondary-school-return-to-school.pdf

Self-belief/self-efficacy https://www.place2be.org.uk/media/uvzkzysp/secondary-school-return-to-school.pdf