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I am Pau, Spanish, resident in Kenya, lover of nature and ancient wisdom, music, dancing, traveling, painting and enjoying life. For more than 10 years I´ve been dedicated professionally to the social field. I felt frustrated when I was not able to carry out my work as I feel that it really contributes to the growth and empowerment of people and communities. This led me to the decision to leave the world of work and take time to listen to myself and (re) discover myself.
More than 5 years ago I began my journey of self-knowledge, personal and spiritual growth, where I connected with the feminine wisdom that we all have in our own way, (re) connected with my true self, and with my passion to share, heal and learn with women.

In this flow in search of my purpose in life, I certified as a Personal Coach specialized in women, I am a Menstrual Therapist and Integral Masculine Ciclicality, Certified Teacher in Ovarian Breathing, Feminine Alchemy, Alchemical Breathing, Sacred Sexuality, Certified in Healing of Uterine Memories, and I continue my studies in Feminine Sexuality, Tantra and Phytotherapy.

Practice Description

Currently I accompany women, from my own experience and knowledge, on their paths of self-knowledge, growth and healing, connecting with their cyclicality and feminine nature and the balance with the masculine.
I use in my sessions different tools and techniques such as meditation, art-therapy, oracles, herbs, crystals, dance, movement and breathing.
I believe all people have all the answers and guidance within themselves, and nobody better than ourselves know what we really need or who we really are. My purpose is to accompany women and facilitate their process, for them to remember and reconnect with their femenine nature and true selves.

I offer individual and group programs, workshops, trainings and women’s circles for women who are willing to work on themselves, in stuck areas of their lives, that maybe are feeling lost, tired, having the feeling that there is something else for them or they want to have some time for themselves.

Also for women who have affections or irregularities in their cycles: PCO´s, fertility difficulties, painful periods, any kind of affection in their sexual and reproductive organs, myomas, fibroids, endometriosis…

And for women who wants to bring clarity and guidance to their lifes or heal traumatic memories.

I accompany women to:

Heal the relationship with tehmselves and with Feminity, reconecting with the Divine Feminine within.

Identify the difficulties, challenges or stuck areas in their life’s and set goals.
Discover and connect with our menstrual cycle as a tool for self-knowledge
Learn to accept, appreciate, value, love, be more compassionate with ourselves, through awareness and understanding of our bodies and our female cyclicality
Practice and understand the importance of self-care
Connect with our pleasure and sexuality in a bigger meaning.
Be aware of our limitations, blockages and fears and work in a practical and organic way to soften them.
Discover and connect with what make us vibrate, discover our gifts.
Discover or get closer to our life purpose and the Divinity within us
Consciously use our resources and energies to manifest the life we deserve
Share and learn with other women

I also facilitate women circles, to share, learn and support each other; and I organize workshops related with self-knowledge and sacred femininity.





Life Coaching

Gender specific

Integral Coaching for Women, Menstrual Therapy, Sacred Sexuality