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Where Your Donations Go

Where Your Donations Go


Click here to send in your donation. Any little or large amount counts!

Conscious Kenya is a for-benefit enterprise, meaning we are neither a pure business focusing on profits nor a pure charity fully dependent on funding. Rather, we prioritise social benefit first and foremost in all our activities, while ensuring our operations are sustainable in the long-term so we do not fizzle out. However, many of the initiatives that we need to undertake cannot be funded by the money-making activities which currently are still yet to sustain themselves.

You can send donations or provide other support for any of these programs that we intend to implement immediately we can afford to:


Sponsoring deserving practitioner(s)

Though we have kept our practitioner membership packages as accessible as possible, there are still many Kenyan practitioners who cannot afford to join though they would love to. Truth is, we live in an unequal world, but we can play our part in leveling the playing field. Your donation here could go towards a local healer/wellness practitioner/teacher having their services promoted, having video features done of their work, being featured on the Conscious Kenya directory, so more people can learn of and benefit from their magic. Your donation could also partially sponsor them to attend the annual healer retreats that we hold, where healers come together to reconnect and do their own healing and self-care.


Conscious Kenya Show

The Conscious Kenya Show amplifies voices of healers across the country by interviewing them and sharing their stories and wisdom via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and soon radio. We piloted Season 1 with no budget via live interviews using phone cameras and streaming software. After a series of mishaps with internet connectivity, network in remote areas, power cuts, and quality of equipment (video and sound), we decided to take a break and launch Season 2 once we have the filming, sound recording and editing capacity to pre-record high-quality interviews to share widely and do justice to those sharing their knowledge. We have already filmed two herbalists at the coast in anticipation of this. You can see some of our initial streamings on YouTube and Facebook (not all videos are shared here), which were eagerly received and are anxiously awaited for by our growing audience.

Your donation will enable the Conscious Kenya Show to take the country by storm with series of eye-opening and inspiring interviews with healers, practitioners and teachers across the country. We need to make one-time purchases of filming and audio-recording equipment, pay video editors, and market the show widely to access a wide audience. Then there are the costs of transport and appreciation for the talkshow host (which can vary by show – we are doing this as a community), the cinematographer, as well as the healer/teacher being interviewed.


Well-being support for those in need

There are a lot of fellow Kenyans who need access to therapy, counselling, mental health support, holistic healing, etc, but can’t afford it. Similarly many wish to attend wellness events, retreats and courses, but can’t due to financial constraints. Your donation will enable more people to access sessions, events, courses, workshops and retreats (via full or partial scholarships, on a case-by-case basis).


Preserving Indigenous Wisdom

There is such a wealth, breadth and depth of knowledge in our own lineages here in Kenya and across the African continent. Yet globally, wellness and mindfulness are attributed to the West, yoga to India, meditation to the East and plant medicine to South America. It is upon us to research, archive, honour and practice the knowledge held by our elders. It is also urgent that we do this before they depart this Earth with all this precious wisdom that was the reason the colonialists had to use all kinds of tricks to dominate us.

Your donation will go towards:

  • Creating a directory of Kenyan herbalists

  • Working with Herbalist Associations to co-create sensible regulations of the industry, that weed out quacks but honour the practice

  • Funding a fellowship for youth from across various ethnic groups to spend a year in learning with their elders, and documenting their knowledge using writing, filming, podcasting, music or other artistic skills to share widely

  • Archiving knowledge working with Afrika Hai collective

  • Creating courses and programs with elders/holders of indigenous wisdom for wider access to this knowledge by the greater population

  • Producing documentaries telling inspiring stories of those who have taken the path of learning, holding, practicing, and passing down indigenous wisdom – starting with the story of a young Kamba griot who spent 3 years traveling his native lands to learn and share the deepest mystical chants and herbal knowledge held by his people.


Mental health and Trauma-informed training

It is crucial for anyone working in therapy, coaching, counseling or wellness work to have at least basic knowledge in mental health and trauma – so as to not create more harm, even with all the good intentions. With this in mind, we would like to offer all our practitioners a course in Mental Health First Aid and Trauma-Informed Work. This will be done in partnership with Mind Matters Foundation. Your donation will go towards funding this crucial initiative.


Meditation & Mindfulness

We try to hold regular free gatherings for well-being and community, for example meditation meet-ups, drum circles and the Spirituality Beyond Religion community gathering. Your donation will help enable these gatherings and bring a wider range of knowledge and teachers to share with the community.


Outreach & Community Programmes

These will grow over time, but the first two we will focus on are:

  • Provision of wellness services to informal settlements (e.g. yoga classes, therapy, healing sessions, etc)

  • Training of fellow Kenyans who wish to become practitioners/counselors/etc but can’t afford to

This will likely be done in partnership with Justice Africa and The Consciousness Project.


Conscious Kenya Activities

We are a start-up dreamed up by two humans, one meditator and one sound shaman. We have spent the last 1.5 years pouring all our efforts and savings into this. But we cannot do it alone. We are eager to bring together a team, and put systems in place so the entire online village (community, directories, events, courses, marketplace) etc runs smoothly and reaches as many people as possible across the country, continent and globe. Your donation will go towards supporting us to move from a space of struggling to thriving, from a duo mission to a community collective, from a small initiative to a colossal conscious community that is healing the collective consciousness and awakening together.



If you would like to donate with no restrictions, or have another area you would like to sponsor, please specify in the box below the form.


Click the button below to send your donation. Any little or large amount counts!